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Experts in commercial, cross-cultural, legal, digital STRATEGY and graphic design


Why choose Occ’Business 4.0 ?

Occ’ BUSINESS 4.0 is a group of 4 experts in their field, supported by a focused and committed multidisciplinary team. It offers:

  • A CUSTOMISED APPROACH in each area of expertise:
  • An audit of the current state of affairs, 
  • Recommendations/advice based on a commercial, legal, digital and graphic strategy, as necessary,
  • Execution of the strategy developed in partnership with your company.
  • The MODERNITY of its partners, in particular, a digital agency steeped in WEB culture,
  • The CREATIVITY of a committed graphic agency.


Multidisciplinary expertise designed to spark creative ideation

1 dedicated expert

Is at your service: a SIGNIFICANT time-saver for entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals

Our network

is EXTENSIVE and EXPERIENCED in each area of expertise


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