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4 business experts, united in OCC’BUSINESS 4.0

Our goal is to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the strategic areas of your business, so that together we can achieve your development goals. We solve problems related to business development, legal strategy and digital and graphic communication.

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  • Commercial and cross-cultural strategy
  • Commercial and financial legal expertise
  • Digital and communication expertise


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Our extensive local and international network, available on request.

When it comes to meeting your needs, our rapid response capability is an essential asset.

Based in the Occitanie region in South-West France (Castres, Albi, Gaillac), we are committed to an ethical approach in support of French MSMEs and all entrepreneurs/CEOs, regardless of their structure or location. We also workinternationally.

AAA Translation Services, a translation agency with a global reach, is a preferred partner of Occ’Business 4.0. Working only with mother-tongue translators/interpreters in relevant target markets, their team guarantees effective communications with your intended public, whether in the digital space or in print form.



“très bonne collaboration avec Christine Collin à la Réunion des musées nationaux-Grand Palais pour la vente à l'international du catalogue. Anticipation, appui et échanges très intéressants et fructueux. Je garde un très bon souvenir!”

Nathalie Hallouche (Gillart) Cheffe du secteur Musées Français à l’Agence photographique de la réunion des Musées Nationaux, Grand Palais

“Christine Collin was a fantastic help for our company to visit an advanced technology conference, the SEMICON JAPAN 2019. Her support to setup our visits, our meetings with future partners in Japan has been incredibly successful for our company and I am pretty greatful for the support Christine delivered to us. I strongly recommend to use her services. She is also a really knowledgeable person thank to her previous experiences, which made our trip to Japan extremely interesting.”

Yannick Bedin, Expert en métrologie optique pour la photolithographie, EUMETRYS, Président du CJD Tarn

“Je recommande Prisca CHARLES et le Cabinet CEOS Conseils notamment en droit des affaires"

Olivier Delbreilh, Directeur Initiative Tarn

“Un excellent travail pour la création de nos supports de communication"

Luc Gygi, Manager CPAM Gironde

"Christine provided us with the support we needed to make a successful museum shop in Japan. Her understanding of Japanese culture and language was also helpful in the liaison role she played as our contact at the RMN-GP. And mostimportantly, she was a joy to work with!" Junko TAJIMA, V&A Enterprises Japan

"Christine est très douée pour initier et développer des opportunités d'affaires en France et à l'étranger. Elle a un réel goût pour les échanges et les défis, ce qui lui permet d'exceller dans son domaine." Alix Lame-Bergis, BNF, Cheffe de Projet Gallica

"Du conseil, du professionnalisme. Et très compétent. À la pointe de la techno du net."

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